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    Medicare is complex. We’re here to help.

    Navigating Medicare and Medigap options can be complex and confusing. Without the proper information and guidance, it can be difficult to fully understand each plan’s nuances and how it compares to other options. Insufficient coverage can seriously affect one’s health and finances. That’s why it is so important to choose an insurance professional who specializes in Medicare, understands the healthcare system from the inside and will help you choose the coverage that is right for your needs and budget. Don’t go it alone. With Julie Biederman and ABC Health Coverage, you will gain a caring advocate who understands the complexities of the system, clearly outlines your best options without bias and fights for your rights.

    The ABC Healthcare Coverage Advantages

    Reports show that individuals and businesses who purchase health insurance through a knowledgeable agent receive a lower price, better understand their coverage and are more satisfied with their overall plan. As Medicare and health insurance rules continually change, Julie Biederman makes it easy for you to understand your options.

    Medicare and Medigap Expertise

    Julie’s specialization in Medicare and Medigap health coverage enables…
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    Businesses and Group

    Navigate the complexities of business and group healthcare with the guidance
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    Personalized Service

    If you have a question, a change in your health or finances, or are face
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    Advocates Who Fight For You

    Julie’s experience makes her a triple threat to insurance providers. Her
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    Greater Options

    Large insurance carriers know and sell their own products.
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    Customized To Your Needs

    Julie will tailor your insurance options to fit your needs, budget and
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    Prescription Coverage Review

    Prescription prices continue to increase with no end in site. On an
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    No Costs or Hidden Fees

    Julie will work tirelessly on your behalf throughout the year
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    Save Time, One Stop Services

    At ABC Healthcare Coverage, we respect that your time is valuable.
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    South Florida Specialists

    Julie Biederman understands the unique needs and nuances of Medicare
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    With more than twenty years of medical billing, operations and insurance
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    Long-term relationship

    Once you choose your health insurance, our work begins. At ABC
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    You have Medicare questions. Julie Biederman has answers. Her expertise and experience are backed by a higher level of client care. In fact, Julie founded ABC Health Coverage with the distinct mission to bring concierge-level care, responsiveness and a higher level of industry expertise to every client she serves. With more than twenty years of unparalleled medical and billing operations, insurance and medicare experience, Julie has raised the bar in the healthcare insurance industry. This is the ABC Healthcare Coverage difference and the reason Julie’s clients stay with her for years and refer their friends and family.